Tuesday, July 7, 2015

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ghost Story 2015

The school year is at an end,so that means now is the time to get ready for the ghost story contest!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dillen, Jake and Pickle On.....Scare Hill!!!

There were zombies walking in graveyards and a witch cutting heads and last but not least there was a strike of lightening where an old lady in her lte 200's was sitting, red eyes scanning her property. A crow and a bat came and rested on her shoulders.

by Ashley Megan Neary    age 9


A twelve year old boy doesn't believe his seven year old brother when he says there is a scareland in their garage. One day the twelve year old followed his little brother and believed him after having encountered the terrifying land!

Dillen was a boy that was twelve and he had a dog named Pickle.

Dillen's little brother Jake always talked about a scareland in the garage.

One day Dillen couldn't wait to prove that there was no such thing as scareland so he asked his brother to take him and Pickle there.

Jake agreed.

"I wonder how he is going to fake it!"Dillen said to his black lab as they followed Jake.

He stepped into the garage and looked around thinking about how Jake got in trouble when he lied. But the seven year old flipped the latch on a trap door . Jake lifted a ladder all the way to the opening and went inside. Dillen's mouth dropped open as he saw the terrifying land!

"This dream will haunt me forever!" Dillen cried, hugging his little brother. But it was not a dream!

Dillen and Jake were screeching when the lady demanded for her two slaves to drag them over to her.

Dillen dragged Jake to the garage door but it slammed shut, with the lady's evil powers.

A wailing came from a tied up skeleton which had survived being tied up for years.

The lady introduced herself as Aunt Scare! When the kids finally got to her , she took them up a spooky hill to where she had people in cages.

She'd laid heavy garvestones on them and if they survived they would be tied up. Aunt Scare threw Dillena and Jake in cages and put their hands in handcuffs. An hour later the first drips of blood fell from their hands.
"Ow!" everyone said.

Jake yelled over to his brother that he found a key in the lock of Dillen's cage. But Dillen couldn't reach it because of the handcuffs pulling him. So he stuck out his tongue and gripped his jaws around the key . He twisted his head then pulled and the door opened. Looking around he unlocked his hands, licked the blood off of them and then unlocked Jake.

"Oh No ! Where is Pickle?" Jake asked. Dillen's face frowned and tears ran down his eyes. Pickle was his best friend. He might not have survived! But then a loud whine came from above the volcano. Pickle was tied upthere in a cage. He was being lowered into the volcano. They had to save him! They raced up the volcano and when Pickle got lowered down far enough for them to reach him, they unlocked the cage. Then they used the key to unlock the garage door and they all escaped from Aunt Scare!

The End

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Toy Soldier

The Toy Soldier

I heard stories about this house. Things that make my bones shiver. It watches me and I watch back. A family used to live there, but they fell into the abyss like many others. All they found in the house was a toy soldier, that still walks around searching, waiting.