Tuesday, July 7, 2015

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ghost Story 2015

The school year is at an end,so that means now is the time to get ready for the ghost story contest!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dillen, Jake and Pickle On.....Scare Hill!!!

There were zombies walking in graveyards and a witch cutting heads and last but not least there was a strike of lightening where an old lady in her lte 200's was sitting, red eyes scanning her property. A crow and a bat came and rested on her shoulders.

by Ashley Megan Neary    age 9


A twelve year old boy doesn't believe his seven year old brother when he says there is a scareland in their garage. One day the twelve year old followed his little brother and believed him after having encountered the terrifying land!

Dillen was a boy that was twelve and he had a dog named Pickle.

Dillen's little brother Jake always talked about a scareland in the garage.

One day Dillen couldn't wait to prove that there was no such thing as scareland so he asked his brother to take him and Pickle there.

Jake agreed.

"I wonder how he is going to fake it!"Dillen said to his black lab as they followed Jake.

He stepped into the garage and looked around thinking about how Jake got in trouble when he lied. But the seven year old flipped the latch on a trap door . Jake lifted a ladder all the way to the opening and went inside. Dillen's mouth dropped open as he saw the terrifying land!

"This dream will haunt me forever!" Dillen cried, hugging his little brother. But it was not a dream!

Dillen and Jake were screeching when the lady demanded for her two slaves to drag them over to her.

Dillen dragged Jake to the garage door but it slammed shut, with the lady's evil powers.

A wailing came from a tied up skeleton which had survived being tied up for years.

The lady introduced herself as Aunt Scare! When the kids finally got to her , she took them up a spooky hill to where she had people in cages.

She'd laid heavy garvestones on them and if they survived they would be tied up. Aunt Scare threw Dillena and Jake in cages and put their hands in handcuffs. An hour later the first drips of blood fell from their hands.
"Ow!" everyone said.

Jake yelled over to his brother that he found a key in the lock of Dillen's cage. But Dillen couldn't reach it because of the handcuffs pulling him. So he stuck out his tongue and gripped his jaws around the key . He twisted his head then pulled and the door opened. Looking around he unlocked his hands, licked the blood off of them and then unlocked Jake.

"Oh No ! Where is Pickle?" Jake asked. Dillen's face frowned and tears ran down his eyes. Pickle was his best friend. He might not have survived! But then a loud whine came from above the volcano. Pickle was tied upthere in a cage. He was being lowered into the volcano. They had to save him! They raced up the volcano and when Pickle got lowered down far enough for them to reach him, they unlocked the cage. Then they used the key to unlock the garage door and they all escaped from Aunt Scare!

The End

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Toy Soldier

The Toy Soldier

I heard stories about this house. Things that make my bones shiver. It watches me and I watch back. A family used to live there, but they fell into the abyss like many others. All they found in the house was a toy soldier, that still walks around searching, waiting.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Marionette by Richelle Bulgin finalist

Vivian shivered at the autumn wind and continued walking at a brisk pace. She was trying to clear her mind; she and her boyfriend had broken up yet again. As she passed the graveyard, she noticed an attractive young man watching her from the entrance. Intrigued, she approached him and introduced herself.

The boy’s name was Damian, and he was a nice distraction. After chatting for awhile, he asked her to join him in the graveyard. Warily, she followed.

“Do you believe in ghosts?” Damien asked in a mock serious voice. Vivian laughed and shook her head. Suddenly, Damien leaned in and kissed her.

Vivian closed her eyes and smiled at the faint feeling. She leaned in to deepen the kiss, but the light touch of lips against hers disappeared. Frowning, she opened her eyes.

What she saw made her heart stop. Damien was not there. She glanced around, and a feeling of apprehension leaked into her gut. She tried to stay optimistic; tried to believe it was simply a practical joke. Even in her head, it didn’t sound very convincing.

“Damien..?” she called out cautiously. Her voice seemed to resonate through the arrant silence.

A freezing gust of wind produced the only movement, rustling her hair and the dead leaves scattered across the ground. A feeling of dread washed over her. She had to get out of there. Vivian’s heart was beating in her throat. She spun around in a circle, eyes scanning for the exit. She had to get out of there. Her nerves were taut, her mind racing. Her previous worries seemed so far away, like a dream fading back into the subconscious. All she knew was that she had to get out of-

An intense blow to the gut caused Vivian to keel over in pain. She gasped for breath, clutching her sides tightly. After a moment, she attempted to stand up straight again, but an unknown force prevented her. Her muscles screamed as she fought against it.

Vivian’s peripheral vision began to blur, and the world seemed to fade to black and white.  Everything seemed dull and hazy. She felt a presence inside of her, but she could not pinpoint its location. She felt it begin to engulf her from within.

Vivian tried to scream, but no sound would pass her lips. She tried to move her arms, her legs, her head; nothing would respond. She was no longer in control of her own body.

She watched in terror as her body began to stand up slowly, her spine cracking in a way that made her mentally wince. Vivian felt herself take a stumbling step, but could do nothing to stop it. She heard her own voice talking, but could not halt the words.

“What a lovely body,” she was saying. “Much better than my last one.”

Vivian strained against it with all her might, but it was no use. She was merely a spectator forced to observe, trapped inside of her own mind.




Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Awake by Matthew Raske finalist


 I wake up suddenly to a sudden loud thud from down the hall. It sounds like it came from my parent’s bedroom.  I glance at the clock. It is 3:06am. Perhaps it is my father rolling out of bed in his sleep again, or my mother stubbing her toe on the foot of the bed as she always does on her way to the kitchen for her traditional midnight snack. Certainly this thud is nothing out of the ordinary. Or is it?

 When my father rolls out of bed, I always hear him stand to his feet on the old creaky floorboards and climb back in bed. When my mother stubs her toe, there is always the subsequent muffled muttering of curse words as her footsteps creak past my bedroom on her way to the kitchen- yet, I hear none of these familiar sounds. I hear nothing but an eerie silence.

Perhaps a book had fallen off my father’s shelf –but no, a book would not shake the floor the way this thud had. Perhaps the legs of my mother’s rickety antique vanity had finally given way and crumbled to the floor as we always joked they would –but no, it would have woken mother, and mother can leave no mess untouched no matter the hour of day. 

Perhaps I’m overthinking it. Yes, I am overthinking it. It was just a thud- an ordinary thud - no cause for alarm. I can investigate in the morning but for now I need sleep. I’ll just close my eyes and drift off…

 Suddenly I hear what sounds like a smothered gasp for air, piercing the silence, and then:


  A second thud much like the first, followed by the same eerie silence. I am wide-awake and very uneasy now.  What could be the cause of this? I am about to spring from my bed and investigate when I hear a creaking in the hall between my parent’s room and my own. It is not like the familiar creaking of a person’s footsteps, but rather sounds like something heavy being dragged slowly down the corridor.

 I am unable to move now. I am frozen in fear. Whatever is being dragged in the hall is getting closer and closer to my opened bedroom door. The creaking is getting louder and louder, my heart is pounding faster and faster. Suddenly against the dark of night I see a silhouette of a man dragging two lifeless bodies down the hall leaving a distinct trail of inky black liquid in their wake against the lightly colored vintage maple floorboards. Suddenly he stops in front of my bedroom and drops the bodies-The creaking ceases.

 My heart is beating like a drum – so rapidly that it feels like it is about to explode. This cannot be real. This must be a dream. Those cannot be my parents. I am lying as still as the lifeless bodies in the hallway hoping not to be noticed by the man. I could not move even if I wanted to. I am frozen in fear. Utterly petrified.

To my horror, the man reaches down in dips his fingers in the blood coating the maple floorboards and begins to write a message on the wall. The inky blackness of the night veils his words from my vision. I cannot decipher the words on the wall. The man finishes scrawling his script and turns around once more to face me. The hairs on my neck are standing erect and Goosebumps ripple through my body.

The floor begins to creak as he slowly tiptoes into my bedroom and crawls under my bed and lies down on the floor directly beneath me. He must be waiting for me to awaken. But I am already lying awake and terrified beyond comprehension. I want to scream, but he’ll hear me. I want to run, but he’ll catch me. I am paralyzed by petrification.

I have been lying here for over an hour now.  I can hear him breathing heavily directly beneath me. The smell of warm blood on the cold musty floor fills the room. The scent of death is overpowering.  My vision is slowly getting used to the darkness. I can almost interpret the bloody message on the wall.

 I gasp as I read the words 

“I know you’re awake”

 Suddenly, something shifts beneath me.

Note to the finalists of 2014

Hello everyone! I am still working on getting all the finalists posted to the blog. Please be patient with me......I PROMISE to have them all in soon. Thank you all for sharing your scares and telling your tales! Keep posted for more posts.